FitoShine: “Idee per la luce” 2004 contest

My first ever contest, done on the 2004 for “Idee per la Luce”
The briefing of the contest consisted to design a “futured style” lamp. either wall or table or pedestal.

FitoShine is born from the concept of light as a form of energy and thus life. In fact the main purpose of this lamp is not only to illuminate an environment, but to make it vital with the use of plants essential to a circulation of energy flows, and according to Feng Shui, an Oriental technique on how to absorb the “Chi” (vital energy), can live in prosperity and in harmony with the environment around us to improve the standard of living and interpersonal relationships between people.
This release of energy is also amplified due to the fact that FitoShine encloses all 5 elements: Fire, as an expression of light and heat; Soil, source of life for plants; Wood, a result of the growth of a plant; Water, staple food for a plant; Metal, material at the “bottom” that supports the whole.

The realization was a lil “rude” considering it was my first attempt to a project, and unfortunatly i didn’t win any prize nor a segnalation for it, nonetheless the idea of a “lightning pot for plants” started to become common in the near future..


~ di R!O su 25 giugno 2011.


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